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Live at Lava Peace Dances

Next dance in Lava Hot Springs
November 14, 15 & 16 - 2014

Come dance with us in beautiful Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. 

Price: $90

Bring a spouse or friend for $80!

Click here for a flyer

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This is a website for the community of dancers who gather (have ever gathered, or ever want to gather) for the dance in Lava Hot Springs. 

Here at "Live at Lava" we meet to eat, dance and pray together in the Senior Center. We dance in the evenings and mornings, and then spend the day in the wonderful community of fellow dancers, and soaking in the natural hot springs.

What you can do on this site:

Here on LiveatLava.com you can register for the next retreat, buy the dance leaders a Latte, and join the community for the next celebration. 

Whether or not you are planning on attending the next retreat, please make an account, upload your picture, and share with us on this site. We are hoping to gather your input on how to make the retreats work for you, ride sharing, room sharing and more. 

Join the Forum

After you make an account you can join the forum, look for rides and rooms to share, and give us your great ideas. What do you want next... to upload pictures?

Hope to see you soon.

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